The Best Acrylic Paints for Interior Walls

Best Acrylic Paints For Interior Walls

Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex is our favorite. 

In this post, we will explore the best acrylic paints for interior walls, taking into consideration factors such as coverage, durability, and overall performance.

The Importance of Using Acrylic Paint in the House

Acrylic paint is known for its quick-drying time, making it ideal for use in busy households. It is also highly resistant to water and mold, ensuring that it will hold up well in areas with high moisture levels. 

Additionally, acrylic paint is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a safer and more eco-friendly option for use in the home.

Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex

Best Acrylic Paint #1 - Sherwin Williams Cashmere
Courtesy Of Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams Cashmere is our top pick for the best paint for interior walls. It is a paint-primer combo with a smooth and even application, hiding existing colors and imperfections. 

Available in five sheens and a wide range of hues, it dries to an ultra-rich finish in an hour and is easy to clean. 

Although it can only be purchased directly from Sherwin-Williams and has a slightly high price point of over $50 per gallon, the stunning results make it worth the investment.

Glidden Interior Paint

Best Acrylic Paint #2 - Glidden Essentials
Courtesy Of Home Depot

Glidden Essentials interior paint is a budget-friendly option at under $20 per gallon. Its low-VOC latex formula has minimal odors. 

Although its price may result in less-than-spectacular results, it is backed by a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer.

It provides excellent coverage and an easy-to-clean finish, available in flat-matte, eggshell, and semi-gloss textures, and can be tinted into over 1,000 colors.

Behr Ultra Scuff Defense Paint

Best Acrylic Paint #3 - Behr Ultra Scuff Defense
Courtesy Of BEHR

BEHR Ultra Scuff Defense is an ideal choice for surfaces needing a flat finish, such as a dining room or bedroom. 

It is durable, virtually un-scuffable, offers ongoing resistance to stains and mildew growth, and conceals existing imperfections. 

Some surfaces may need priming before use and the manufacturer recommends 2 hours drying time and 30 days to fully cure. 

Sold exclusively at The Home Depot, the price is comparable to other paints and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

Valspar Signature Interior Paint

Best Acrylic Paint #4 - Valspar Signature
Courtesy Of Lowe’s

Valspar Signature is the best indoor paint for covering dark wall colors and stubborn stains, offering rich color and smooth coverage.

Its 100% acrylic formula works on various surfaces and can be used as a paint-primer combo or as a primer before the main coat. 

Available in eggshell, flat, satin, and semi-gloss finishes, it has a dry time of 30-60 minutes to the touch and 2 hours for a second coat. 

This durable paint is resistant to mildew, stains, scuffs, fading and is backed by a lifetime warranty. It can be cleaned with soap and water and can be picked up only at Lowe’s stores.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint 

Best Acrylic Paint #5 - Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte
Courtesy Of Amazon

Chalk paint is ideal for a matte, distressed look and can be used on various surfaces without priming. Rust-Oleum Chalked is recommended for many reasons: it dries in 30 minutes, creates a semi-distressed look and is easy to apply.

One coat is sufficient but a topcoat can add protection. Rust-Oleum is available at many places and is a cost-effective alternative but may not suit all tastes.

Prestige Paints P100-1 Interior Paint and Primer in One

Best Acrylic Paint #6 - Prestige Lifetime Flat
Courtesy Of Amazon

Prestige Paints Ultra Premium Acrylic Latex Interior Paint is suitable for self-priming over properly prepared uncoated drywall, stucco, plaster, or previously painted interior surfaces.

Ideal for use in living rooms, family rooms, media rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and hallways. However, on stained or glossy surfaces, a stain blocking primer sealer is necessary. Please note, some colors may require additional coats for full coverage.

BEHR Dynasty Advanced Stain Repellency Interior Enamel Stain-Blocking Paint & Primer

Best Acrylic Paint #6 - Behr Dynasty Paint
Courtesy Of BEHR

BEHR Dynasty is the perfect paint for your doors and drawers! It dries to the touch in just one hour and is completely non-tacky after 4 hours. Choose from 4 different finishes – matte, eggshell, satin or semi-gloss, all available exclusively at The Home Depot.

This paint is the most durable one-coat paint, designed to resist scuffs and marks. If you’re repainting light-colored surfaces, one coat is likely enough. However, the manufacturer advises that darker colors may take a bit longer to cure.

The antimicrobial finish ensures that stains are repelled and the paint can be easily cleaned with minimal effort. And, the manufacturer even offers a lifetime limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Seigneurie Pantinox Aqua

Best Acrylic Paint #8 - Seigneurie Pantinox Aqua
Courtesy Of Ekooza

Seigneur Pantinox Aqua is a high-quality paint option that offers excellent coverage and durability. It dries quickly and is easy to apply. Furthermore, it doesn’t turn yellow and its smoothness makes it a great alternative to the great above.

Coloris Acrylsatin

Best Acrylic Paint #9 - Coloris AcrylSatin
Courtesy Of Ekooza

Coloris Acrylsatin is a high-quality acrylic paint that is affordable, dries quickly, and has a highly rated resistance to water.

What’s Next?

A good painting can add personality and flow to the overall feel of your house. Now that you have chosen your paint for your interior walls, it’s time for you to choose your paints for your exterior walls.

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